Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Of course, keeping those mattresses free of perspiration, hair and body oils, dust, dead skin cells, and even stains is also no easy task for most busy households, but studies show that cleaning those mattresses two to three times a year actually is good for your sleep and your health! Over time, despite the use of mattress covers and being vacuumed frequently mattresses tend to catch and hold onto all kinds of dirt and debris that we can readily see.

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Keeping a clean and well maintained home takes a lot of time and effort and requires the tackling of daily chores as those chores that only need to be done periodically.
One of the major periodic chores in most homes is the cleaning of your bedroom mattresses. Why not allow our professional mattress cleaning technicians save you valuable time and effort by cleaning that bedroom mattresses for you.


Sleeping on a dirty mattress can throw dust particles into the air, that can breathed in causing dry throat and even coughing. This debris along with faint odors that are hardly noticeable can make for less restful sleep.

Steam cleaning those mattresses periodically results in less debris affect our ability to breath and a fresh mattress that makes for a sounded nights sleep. Here at Weston Carpet Cleaning Pros our state of the art steam cleaners will remove all dirt and debris while killing any lurking germs and bacteria.

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