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Keeping a clean and well maintained home takes a lot of time and effort and requires the tackling of daily chores as those chores that only need to be done periodically.
One of the major periodic chores in most homes is the cleaning of your upholstered furniture. Why not allow our professional upholstery cleaning technicians save you valuable time and effort by cleaning that upholstered furniture for you.

Why Having Your Upholstery Cleaned is a Better Option

There are so many different types of upholstery fabrics and each of these fabrics need to cleaned using a certain cleaning technique or method and in some cases needing special cleaning products or solutions. If you use the wrong the type of cleaning products or methods on an upholstery fabric you could end up with running or faded colors, water spots, or upholstery that simply isn’t as clean and fresh as it should be.
In addition, the form of the furniture itself, with various shaped arms, crevices, and even indents here and there can make getting that upholstered furniture clean thoroughly a difficult task. Hiring a skilled upholstery technician from our company Weston Carpet Cleaning Pros, can insure that your upholstery get cleaned properly using the right cleaning methods and products.

Types of Upholstery Fabrics We Clean

We clean all types of upholstered furniture and all different types of upholstery fabrics including:
Faux Leather
Polyester and Polyester blends
Wool and wool blends

In addition to cleaning your upholstered furniture our upholstery cleaning technicians will also be more than happy to clean your blinds, drapes and those lovely tapestries hanging on your walls leaving everything they clean looking brighter and smelling fresher.

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